Our team of specialists can make an appointment for you -or, you can come during business hours, if it is important for you to begin your treatment sooner – this, however, is decided upon your doctor’s recommendations. When you come to an appointment, we will offer you a full neurological consultation. This brief consultation will then allow us to allocate the most appropriate and qualified member of our specialist staff for your case.


Sleep disorders

We evaluate the different symptoms of potential sleep disorders, in order to provide a comprehensive treatment service for all of our patients, regardless of their age or needs. The Rosenberg Clinic team specialises in the short term treatment of sle...

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Our founder and lead clinician, Dr. Rosenberg has spent years researching Neuromodulation and Neurostimulation research and has developed effective treatments for psychiatric disorders through applying repetitive deep trans-cranial magnetic stimulati...

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Mood disorder

The assessment, which is offered by the staff of the clinic, will produce a clear diagnosis and you will be prescribed an intensive – and effective – treatment. Based on the results of a checkup and laboratory tests, our evaluation proces...

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Psychotic disorders

The Rosenberg Clinic’s staff will offer assessment and assistance with prevention and intervention for people with psychosis. The service can be performed locally or at the patient’s current hospital if they are too ill to travel. Definition ...

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